Monday, June 16, 2014

Week 14: I May Be a Traitor...

... but I hope Mexico wins tomorrow!! I only say that because then we won't be cooped up inside the house. Working during the World Cup isn't the easiest in the world.

But anyways my week was spectacular, very hard working! Monday was somewhat stressful because we got stuck in the Elder's area (NEVER AGAIN WILL I HAVE SUPER PDAY WITH THEM) but it was good. Also, I was saddened that I had to wait ALL WEEK TO TELL YOU THE BEST NEWS IN THE WORLD!

So no longer am I the non-fruit eating Mari. No longer do I have the obstacle of eating fruits and veggies 'cos Monday I conquered BANANAS! For y'all that don't know, I kept it very secret but I've struggled with eating fruits and veggies all my life and this week I had NO problems, In fact, I ate 6+ servings of fruits and veggies per day :) and my health has been doing splendid because of it. I stopped buying crackers and now I carry 2 bananas and 1 other fruit for a snack during the day. It really makes a difference and maybe you're baffled at how I changed. I ate more fruits and veggies this week than I did in my entire life I bet... but I eat oranges, bananas, pears, apples, and passion fruit at night (to sleep better)

so all in all, I stopped worrying for my health because now I can eat healthier, which means no more children’s vitamins (I'll eat them till they run out, they do make breakfast fun) but forget that I bet you are wondering about my week!

So Tuesday was sorta tough because we marked an appointment with Gabriel but he didnt show up so we were trying to find his house and got lost. I was stressed, stomach was aching and my back was starting to hurt, but we didnt give up and when the time was up, we ended up finding his exact location, but it was too late for a visit. Also, we heard that there have been a few assaults in an area nearby, but nothing happened to us.

Irma Isabel
Wednesday was much better. We knocked down MANY lessons and we also got the chance to visit an older lady in my ward. We didnt know who we were knocking at then we saw her and said "OH it's IRMÂ ISABEL" so it was wonderful because she is usually lonely and she loves to have visits so we are going to make sure we see her at least twice a week, to lift her spirits :)

Thursday was interesting. We started work 8:30 am, but boy was it worth it. We got 4 lessons in before lunch and taught 2 more people before retreating. I say retreat because the streets are filled with crazies gathering to every corner bar. It was especially noisy because our neighbors in the kitchenette all gathered outside and put a big TV RIGHT OUTSIDE OUR DOOR! They invited us but we kindly declined and blasted Mo-Tab while trying to study.  We didn't need to watch to know that Brazil won, really. Plus, the members are more than eager to tell us the details and everything.

Friday was great as well. Except we walked a LOT to make it to lunch and it was harder on us to make our appointments. The ZLs were also in our area to set Gabriel up for the baptismal interview. He passed, but he is delaying his baptism because he wants his family issues to be resolved before making this decision. Poor boy, his father doesn’t want to talk to him anymore... but we insisted that he pray but yet he said no. He's pretty strange 'cos most of his answers are "good question" or "i don’t know" which tends to be annoying. We also visited a member who was hospitalized, due to a brain tumor. Also since the hospitals here are much like a humane society, it was hard to have ALL THREE of us visiting. They only allowed 2 at a time per room, which made us sad because we didn't want to break the rules. So we kept insisting, saying we are missionaries and then they accepted, only that we had to wait till visiting hours were over (roughly 15 min wait) then we got special permission. It was heart breaking to see her in bed, helpless, somewhat blind, but we sang a hymn, read Alma 7:11-12 and left her with a prayer. Then her mom told us to leave a message to the person in the same room (two patients to a room, but there’s like 4 beds in there) so we went and the mother of the neighbor (Rosangela?!) said "what scripture is that, I’m not familiar with Alma, but it’s beautiful" so we told them about the Book of Mormon and left a copy with them, then walked home. I love those missionary opportunities. I am glad that Julia's mom told us to leave a message with them too! This work is truly marvelous!

Also Saturday was hard because Sister Pence and I went back to Gabriel and invited him to be baptized, yet he said no again. Our district leader told us to go back on Sunday and try to baptize him that same day. I didn't know if it was a test of faith or a desperate plea to have at least one more baptism but on Sunday, we went back and asked once more. It took all of our courage and time and obedience to invite him once more, yet he said no. I was saddened because he really wasn’t paying attention and he couldn’t feel the spirit we felt. I told him that he can’t feel it 'cos he is multitasking and not listening to the Holy Ghost. Then we left because it was no use. But we left feeling at peace because we obeyed the Lord, obeyed the council of Elder M. Santos and did our best. We are also in the ward choir now! We are singing "lead kindly light" and "i need the every hour" Sadly, the men sound pitiful. Dad, you would cringe to no end.  

And transfers happened and sadly, Sister Pence is leaving :( I knew she would leave, but she was called as an STL! I am happy for her, she really deserves the call, she is a great worker but I will miss her very much. My new comp will arrive tomorrow and I am very nervous. I don’t know what she is like or anything. I only heard from my STL that she is nice and cool but that’s the vaguest description ever. I am not used to this change but I will have to be. That’s part of life and even though I am nervous, I am calm because everything is in the Lord's hands. He won’t give me something I can’t do.

But really, I am SO HAPPY because I see myself changing every day. The biggest change made me happy, how I can eat fruits with little to no difficulties, which means I can be WAY healthy now! I have been tripling my salad intake at lunches and I eat an orange or a clementine for dessert. Or a banana, whichever fruit they offer me, I eat it! I bought so many fruits today and I see the difference in my health already :) I am thankful that the Lord has blessed me with such a marvelous change. Even if it’s small for others, it is very big for me! I am still picky though, I won’t eat anything deep fried or unhealthy now... it’s switching up hahahah!

I love you all SO MUCH!


-Sister Mariana Espiritu...

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