Thursday, March 27, 2014

Week 1 & 2 - Sao Paulo CTM

Day 1 (March 19, 2014)

Hi Guys,

Funny story because I can send an email out today. I made it safe to Brazil and I´m already having a blast here. Well on the drive here the elders and i were having fun watching motorcycles weave through traffic. We went our separate ways when we arrived at the CTM. From there on I’ve been somewhat confused only because it´s all new but it helps like a LOT to know Portuguese! Today is sorta my "down time" day so I got to unpack, take a shower, and take a nap before getting ready to do some work. Everything will be in Portuguese for me and the real deal training starts tomorrow cos that’s when my companion arrives. Today will be easier, I’m still learning the ropes.

Just letting you know that I’m safe, clean, and I got to take my very last nap that I know of, which feels AWESOME! I´m ready to work, after some lunch of course. Plus I’m the only American in my room so far... this may be good for me to immerse in but I´m excited, i still haven’t met my roommates. I think they´re all from other countries. Holla! 

Well, I can only send a very quick email but I love you guys so much and  I hope that you have a great week. Stay strong!



Week 1 (March 27, 2014)

THE CTM is chill and my space bar works that’s a miracle! A lot has happened and I think I’ll tell you the most interesting bits.

 -My companion is from João Pessoa in Paraiba ... she helps me with Portuguese and she’s nice to me so I guess that’s all that matters right... plus we get along pretty well. Also, my district is really awesome and they’re all focused and anxious to go out in the field. A majority of us are going to Cuiaba, which is cool!

 - On Sunday, I was called to give a talk for sacrament meeting... surprise! Everyone who spoke was Hispanic except for me... even though my last name is as Hispanic as it gets AHAHAHAHAA. Other than that, I talked about charity, and it was hard speaking in Portuguese, but I don't even remember what I said... other than reading Moroni 7:45 to 47. That’s sorta when I cried (spirit you know???) and afterwards, people thanked me for the talk and told me they liked it so i guess it wasn’t that bad, huh?

 -You’d think that I would have the language down but ding dong u are wrong it’s actually kinda hard for me to learn (or rather relearn) the gospel language in Portuguese. It’s a struggle to teach lessons and remember words. Dang, it got me thinking that if HF called me to state-side, He knew it would be far too easy for me. Cars, bikes, iPads, no language barrier. Yeah, he put me somewhere challenging, but at least I’ve got sort of an advantage. I’m the only American in my group. There’s a sister from Portugal and an Elder from Uruguay (he’s been here for 6 weeks and needs immersion) so the rest is from Brazil...

 There are SO MANY HISPANICS here and dang the Argentines are SO COCKY!! There's one in particular named Elder Moron (there's an accent in there somewhere and HE MAKES SURE OF IT) and he's basically cocky and stupid and thinks he’s the best thing in the CTM but in reality, he's just a dude that's living up to his name AHAHAHAHAHAHAH (ouch)...

 I also got to lead the music for one of the devotionals... IT WAS AWESOME and the speaker was Presidente Milder. When they announced me as the chorister (they said my mission too) he turned to me and said "did you know I opened that mission?" so I met the first mission president of my mission. HOLLA AT YO SISTER ;)

Anyways, dunno when I’ll email next time since I leave THIS TUESDAY (fast right?!) and they never said anything about emailing before leaving, so sorry if you don’t hear from me.

 Food is fine, I’m doing good enough but my comp gets my goat about the "7 cores" (colors) on my plate so I tell her to put a sock in it.... JK I DONT SAY THAT. I JUST SAY THAT I DON’T DO RAW VEGGIES and she stopped pestering me. Still...

 OH AND GUESS WHO I SAW AT THE TEMPLE TODAY? A Fatima Tomaz da Silva who knows you AND MATT so basically.... she will email you. Sister Tomaz da Silva is my comp’s name too... northerners... Nordestinas... they are interesting!

Gotta go, love you soooo much! I'm gonna send letters in the mail today. My testimony has grown so much and I have studied so much but I’m ok with that. Some people can’t handle it but the only thing I can’t handle is the lack of freedom (like leaving the joint).


-sister mari espiritu QUE MASSA!

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