Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 3 - Made it to Cuiaba!

April 1, 2014
YOOOOO GUESS WHAT! I am in the field safe and sound right now! I am soooo happy to be in Cuiaba but it’s really hot since it’s, well… Satan’s armpit! Just kidding you know! 
Guess where my first area is?!

DOURADOS! It’s so funny because my CTM comp and I drove with the mission president (that’s what happens when you give chocolates, you get first class seating with the pres! HAHA) and I told him about how I went to Dourados to visit friends once with my mom five years ago and he said "Really?! Wow do you know where you´ll be serving?" and then that’s how I found out where my first area was; so long story short, always bring chocolates to your mission president because miracles happen. Plus lots of prayers and faith. My trainer is Sister Pence (I think that’s how you spell it) and she’s American so its gon b good :)

Still haven’t figured out the sheets and no excess baggage charge was necessary so basically everything is well and safe. I´ll get to the bottom of it at Dourados and give the sheets to some needy members.

I miss yáll but i have to cut this short since other missionaries are waiting their turn to send emails. This means no pics again this week but I’ve got lots of good photos. I saw the World Cup Stadium and there’s a game there right now! so it’s the bomb.com! Also, my comp took the best selfie EVER. It fit all my photo bombing district and also... it makes Ellen’s selfie at the Oscars look like some cheap mirror selfie! SUCKERS! 

Pray for the Lima (Peres?!) family, mom. They will be my first reference! I hope I can at least practice teaching them. We´ll see. I´m excited.

Love you all so much! gotta run! BYEEE! :)

-Mari (Sister Espiritu)

ps: araras here I come! Watch out!

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